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A Normal-Sorta Entry

I'm not going to rant on this entry blog tonight. Yay, riiight? I don't even know why I'm online right now, I was watching Tinkerbell, than just had an urge to get online and check my e-mail. Well you know one thing led to another and here I am on EP blogging. I paused my movie. I should actually be sleeping, I have to go to a thing tomorrow. It's important, but I can't get to sleepy sleep. I hope to fall asleep shortly, I gotta wake up at 4:40. :( Just like a couple hours away, man I'm going to be a tired lady today. I hope things go amazing for me today. Oh and another thing on my mind, I keep thinking about Halloween costumes already. I think It's because I'm watching Tinkerbell and how easy It would be to make her costume. lol. Alright well I'm going to try to finish this movie and TRY to get some sleep. ALL I know is that I'm making some coffee in the morning! 

All I Do

Is rant about whatever I have on my mind. Here I go again. Can't I fall out of love with someone? Can't I? Maybe because of the way he treated me or didnt treat me. So many things. If It was strong enough It would have lasted. I made myself seem like the BITCH that broke his heart, because I ended things. I made him sound so good, for what? Because I thought I was being nice..I didnt want his friends thinking that he was a total asshole to me! I made him look like an angel while I sit there and look like the evil bitch that broke his heart. If anything he broke mine! Now what do I get for being nice-sorta??? My ex bff dumps our whatever we had friendship and chose to be friends with HIM! Deletes me off FB(I know I can't rant anymore about this but...)seriously?? I just wanted to blog this. I'm looking forward to being happy! I'm looking forward to making changes, and growing, and hopefully making new friends that won't stab me in the back! I can be happy and I will. My boyfriend now, makes me feel the happiness that I'd been longing. I know I can't have anybody else make me happy but myself. He's just an extra plus to my story/journey in life that I hope he sticks around for. :) I know I can be complicated, and hard to deal with/understand, and other misc things. But I'm caring and I love, and I have feelings too. 


I just want to rant on my blog for a little bit. Everybody has there own issues, nobody is the fucking same, everybody's different, everybody deals with there own stuff, everybody feels pain differently(I think anyways). I have a record, and I have to wait till It's 7 years old to get the job that I want, which is an office job. I've tried to apply at other places, but they just don't want to hire me, I'm thinking well It's because of my theft on my record. I also am wanting an office job because well I have a bad back, and just other health issues that nobody has any fucking idea about. I'm tired of people telling me that It's so easy to just go out there and get a fucking job! I have a record, I'm treated like a criminal, they don't understand and It pisses me off. I'm about ready to just go on disability because I can't like do anything, nobody will hire me. I have a hernia that I'm going to get surgery on next month, yada yada yada. *sigh* I just wanted to complain about how people just really don't understand some things. They should just zip a motha fucking lip!

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